Welcome to our Climate Events Impact Quiz!

Dive into the narratives of Climate Risk Storylines with this interactive quiz. Currently featuring three key themes: Finance, Coastal Infrastructure, and International Cooperation. More will be added soon!

Challenge your understanding and broaden your knowledge on these global issues. Ready for the challenge? Start exploring now!

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Here's a quick rundown of the rules:

TIME LIMIT: You have 15 minutes to finish the quiz, so keep track of your time!

RESOURCES: Need help? Check our visualiser for the right answers.

QUIZ STRUCTURE: The quiz is divided into three parts, each focused on a unique storyline: Finance, Coastal Infrastructure, and International Cooperation. Questions are based on these storylines.

EXTRA INFO: After answering, a pop-up provides more details about the topic.

CHOICE: Select the quiz you prefer based on your expertise or interest.

Enjoy the quiz and good luck!

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Coastal infrastructure


International cooperation